Write a synonym in English for the verbs below

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  1. Write a synonym in English for the verbs below: (2,0)

a ) to avert:

b) to back:

c) to head:

d) to increase:

e) to quarrel:

  1. Answer the questions below: (2,0)

Transcreva na forma do passado:

a) Sylvia must come back tomorrow.

b) Peter should take the opportunity that she offers to him.

Use o verbo "poder" no passado:

c)"I ( ) have shouted at him, but he ( ) have answered back."

  1. Complete the sentences below with a preposition: (2,0)

a) "She has been telephoning.... hours,.... 10 o'clock.... the morning."

b) "I was born.... 2 o'clock .... the morning, .... a Sunday .... April .... the year 1958, .... a farm .... a small village called Sta. Cruz, .... the state of Goiás, Brazil. "

(Fuvest 1990) An earthquake rides on a principle of disintegration - the disintegration not only of architecture and pavements and lives but also of the entire idea of order of process and human control. "What can one believe quite safe" asked Seneca, "if the world itself is shaken and its most solid parts totter to their fall... and the earth lose its chief characteristic: stability?"

In March 1933, Albert Einstein was visiting the Long Beach campus of the University of California. He and his host from the department of geology walked through the campus, intently discussing the motions of earthquakes. Suddenly they looked up in puzzlement to see people running out of campus buildings. Einstein and the other scientist had been so busy discussing seismology that they did not notice the earthquake occurring under their feet.

(TIME Magazine)

1. Responda, em português, de acordo com o texto: (2,0)

a) Explique a constatação expressa na pergunta de Sêneca.

b) Qual foi o fato pitoresco durante a visita de Einstein?

(Fuvest 1990) The panda is a specialist that is not particularly good at what it does. Popular accounts sometimes call pandas "bamboo-eating machines," but the implication that they are especially efficient bamboo-eaters is almost exactly backward. Pandas spend so much of their time eating precisely because they do such a bad job of it; they have to eat constantly-20 to 40 pounds of bamboo a day- to keep from starving to death. Pandas, anatomically, are carnivores trying to get by on an herbivore's diet. But they have none of the herbivore's adaptations to make the most of a relatively nonnutritious diet of grasses and plants.

Panda Paradox by Edward Dolnick

(DISCOVER Magazine)
2. Responda, em português, de acordo com o texto: (2,0)

a) Por que o panda passa tanto tempo comendo?

b) Qual o paradoxo que o texto ressalta?

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