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Currency and Exchange

Tips on Tipping

Newspaper, Books and Magazines

Public Transportation
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Brasília was foreseen by Dom Bosco, an Italian monk who claimed he had been told in a dream that on parallel 35, a new city, symbol of the new millennium, would be built. Moving the capital inland has been the dream no only of a European man of faith bust also of Brazilian politicians The fist republican Constitution in 1891 set a sizeable area aside in the middle of the country for building the new capital. Brazilian had to wait, though, 69 years for it to become ‘concrete’.

Landmark of late-1950’s modernist architecture, Brasília was founded on April 21st 1960 by President Juscelino Kubitschek. Built in a record-setting 4 years, it was planned to be the seat of the Brazilian Federal Government.

Futuristic building house federal civil services and agencies. The bluest skies, the scorching sun and the red land touching the elegant, simple and geometric constructions can either provoke a marvelous feeling of infinitude or an unpleasant sense of not-belonging.

General Information
220 V 60 Hz. Voltage in other Brazilian cities may vary ( São Paulo’s 110 V and Rio’s 220 V). The time zone is three hours behind GMT ( GMT -03:00).

UN rate, November 2010: 1U$ = 1,70 R$

Currency and Exchange
Brazilian Real (R$). You can exchange money and traveler checks at Banco do Brasil, which operation the lowest rates. There are about 15 branches of the BB that work on the exchange market in Brasília. Call 0800-78-5678 for information on rates.

Working hours for banks are: 11:00 to 16:00 Monday through Friday. Some currency Exchange places work on Saturdays.

Tips on Tipping
In Brazil, tips are usually added in 10% over bills involving servers such as bars, restaurants, etc. Although it is automatically place in the final bill, 10% charge for services are not mandatory. In hotels, you should tip the bell boy on an average of R$ 1,00 per bag. For valet parking, it is also expected to tip the driver in an average of R$ 1,00 – R$ 2,00.

For others services, such as cab drivers and barber shops you don’t need to tip.

Newspaper, magazines and books
English newspaper such as The News and the New York Times can be found in the airport and in most bookstores in town. The same applies to books and magazines in Spanish and French. Cultural and entertainment activities are published in the weekly guide in Correio Braziliense, which hits the stands every Friday.
Public Transportation
Brasília is a city for cars. Therefore, public transportation is not very recommended as bus lines are usually very crowded and may take a long time to reach the intended location.

The subways system has only one main line and connects downtown and surrounding cities, not being very useful for Brasília visitors. The subway is not used for transportation inside Brasília itself.

Taxi service is efficient, fast and comfortable.
If you wish, UNEP Brazil recommends the services provided by the Taxi Company “COOBRÁS RÁDIO TAXI”, which is known and is already an Office partner. Contact number: 55-61-3224-1000/3322-9000

The Country Code for Brazil is 55, and the Area Code for Brasilia, 61

International Operator

000 111







Red Cross

248 0250



24h Drugstores




Car Rental

Localiza – 365-1616

Unidas Rent a Car – 365-2266

Malls are open from Monday to Saturday regularly from 10 am to 10 pm. On Sundays, some of the stores do business, but generally only the food courts and movie rooms are open. Main Malls are:

Conjunto Nacional: Located in front of the main bus station, it is the first and largest mall in town. Very popular, you can find all variety of store. Its food court is not recommended and is usually very crowded.
Pátio Brasil: Located at the beginning of Asa Sul, it has a good location as it is near of lots of hotels. There is also a great variety of stores and good restaurants options.
Píer 21: It is the youth hip place in town and offers several entertainment options such as multiplex movies, several restaurants, bars and cafés and a couple of night clubs. It is very crowded on weekends.
Park Shopping: The most fancy mall in town, it is located a little far from downtown but has the best stores in town and offers entertainment options as well.

Tourist guide

Congresso Nacional (National Congress): Seat of the Legislative Branch, houses the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Notice the asymmetric positioning of the buildings – they are not equidistantly aligned. The Senate wing has a beautiful permanent display of the Legislative History of Brazil. Tel: 318-5151 (Chamber of Deputies); 311-3344 (Federal Senate).
Esplanada dos Ministérios (Esplanade of Ministries): This wide avenue crosses Brasilia from East to West. But it is called Esplanada dos Ministérios only between the Congress and the Central Bus Station. As you may have already figured out, this avenue harbors a seemingly large number of ministries and the Cathedral. At night, the Cathedral glows beautifully with the new lighting.
Memorial Juscelino Kubitschek: Built in honor of former president Juscelino Kubitschek, the man who conceived Brasilia. Inside is his tomb (with red neon lights around it), a large collection of his personal and professional objects, pictures and documents on building Brasília. Enclosed in a glass display in the parking lot is a model of the car he died in. Praça Cruzeiro – Eixo Monumental Oeste. Tel: 225-9451/226-7860.
Palácio da Alvorada (Palace of the Dawn): The official residence of the President, in its immense gardens dwell some emas, ostrich-like birds native to Brazil. Unfortunately, the palace is not open to the public.
Palácio do Itamaraty (Itamaraty Palace): Seat of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and also conceived by Niemeyer, it houses an impressive collection of works of art, and is of amazing architectonic beauty. The famous painting of the Coronation of D. Pedro (first Brazilian Emperor) and a mélange of Classic and modern sculptures. Tel: 3411-6640
Panteão da Liberdade (Liberty Pantheon): Homage to former president Tancredo Neves – first civilian president after 20 years of military rule, he died day before taking office. It stands for the ideals of liberty and democracy, and also pays tribute to other fathers of the nation.
Palácio do Planalto (Presidential Palace): Houses the Executive power, one of Niemeyer’s palaces is built entirely in glass, with the intention to represent the transparency on the power duties. Tel: 3411-2317.
Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Square): So-called because around it is located the seats of the 3 powers government: the National Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace. Designed by the City Planner Lúcio Costa, it harbors several sculptures and works of art.
Torre de Televisão (TV Tower) and fair: After a short elevator ride, you can take a very nice bird’s-eye-view of the city from the deck perched on the tower. If you want to truly mingle with Brasilia’s people, visit the Torre on Sunday afternoon, when it hosts the most popular fair in town.



Academia de Tênis



SCES trecho 02, Conjunto 35 - Setor de Clubes Sul



SHIS QL10 - Pontão do Lago Sul


Restaurante da Noi

SHTN trecho 1, lote 1-B blocos A e B - Hotel Blue Tree Towers


Feitiço Mineiro

SCLN 306, bloco B, loja 45

3272 3032

O Convento

SHIS - QI 09, conjunto 9, casa 4.

3248 3149

Churrascaria do Lago

SHTN, quadra 1, lote A

3306 2266


Cantina da Massa

CLS 302/303, bloco A, loja 4

3226 8374

Don Romano

QI 11, bloco F, loja 30

3248 0078

Il Siciliani

SCLN 109, bloco C, loja 37

3349 2887

La Focaccia

SCES, trecho 4, conjunto 5, lote 1- Academia de Tênis

3316 6451

Mare d’Itália

Brasília Shopping

3328 6206


SCLN 309, bloco "A", loja 06

3347 7606



SCES - Academia de Tênis


New Yooko

CLS 413, Bl. D, lj. 30



CLS 403, Bl. A, lj. 28



SCLS 408, bloco B, loja 35

3244 9999


Setor Hoteleiro Sul - Naoum Plaza Hotel

3319 4832


SCLS 405, bloco A, loja 18

3244 8870



SHIN - QI 11, conjunto 9 , casa 17

3577 4333

Carpe Diem

Pier 21

3223 0544


Hotel Mercure Brasília

3326 7130

Restaurante Dudu

CLS 303 Bl. A loja 3



SCLS 202, bloco A, loja 34

3224 9408


SHIS, QI 11, bloco I, loja 40

3248 0184


Al Madhafi

SHIS Qi 11 - Shopping Deck Brasil - Gilbertinho,Lago Sul

3364 4335


SCLS 109, bloco A, loja 02/04

3244 1717


CLN 308, bloco B, loja 11/17

3273 0098


La Torreta

SCLS 402, bloco A, loja 9

3321 2516

O Espanhol

SCLS 404, bloco C, loja 7

3224 2002


Brasília Shopping

3346 8213


El Paso Texas

SCLS 404, bloco C, loja 19

3323 4618

Café Cancun

2° piso do Shopping Liberty Mall

3327 1566

Chilli Peper

CLS 215, bloco C, loja 37

3345 5565


Amor à Natureza

SCLN 310, bloco A, loja 42/50.

3272 2055

Flor de Lótus

CLN 102, bloco A, loja 48

3326 9763


SCLN 302, bloco B, loja 7/11

3326 0272


Joaquim & Manoel

CLS 409, bloco C, loja 36

3244 1010


SCLS 404, bloco B, loja 35

3224 6405


SCLN 316, bloco E, loja 24/28

3347 2234

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