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05) Choose the right alternative:_______ one-dollar bill; _________ useful thing.

( ) a, a ( ) -x-, -x- ( ) -x-, an ( ) an, an ( ) a, an

06) She is ____ old woman. Her brother bought ____ yellow coat. This is ____ ewe.

( ) an, a, a ( ) an, a, an ( ) an, an, an ( ) a, an, an ( ) a, a, an

07) Choose the right alternative: We use the telephone mainly for sending and receiving __________ information.

( ) a ( ) an ( ) -x- ( ) these ( ) it

08) Complete corretamente: He will finish the job in ______ hours. Could you buy _______ bread for us?

( ) an, a ( ) the, a ( ) -x-, -x- ( ) -x-, an ( ) an, -x-

09) Entering _________ university should be ______ exciting experience for ______ young man or woman.

( ) an, an, an ( ) a, an, a ( ) a, an, an ( )an, an, a ( ) a, a, an

10) Mark the right option: _____ smile is worth than ______ hundred words.

( ) the, a ( ) a, the ( ) -x-, -x- ( ) the, the ( ) a, a

11) Use the correct article a or an, whenever necessary.

It is _____ opportunity and _____ honor to lecture at ______ university, I think.

- I'll be back in _____ hour with _____ one dollar bill to buy _______ bread.

( ) a, an, a, an, a, -x- ( ) an, a, an, a, -x-, -x- ( ) -x-, an, a, an, a, a

( ) a, a, a, an, a, -x- ( ) an, an, a, an,-x-, -x-,
12) Mark the right option: "My friend is __________ European. He is ______ Frenchman and speaks with a __________ charming accent.

( ) a, a, a ( ) an, a, a ( ) an, a, an ( ) a, an, an ( ) an, a, the

b) Nome de rios ( the Thames River), oceanos (the Atlantic Ocean) e mares (the Dead Sea)
c) Nome de desertos (the Sahara)
d) Nome de montanhas ( the Rock Mpountains)
e) Nomes de países no plural ou com palavras República, União ou Estado como: Republic (república), States (estados), Kingdom (reino):

The Netherlands, The Irish Republic, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, The Republic of South Africa, The Dominican Republic
f) Nomes de famílias :The Clintons, The Fords, The Simpsons, The Adams
g) Superlativos: the best, the youngest, the biggest, the most intelligent
h) Nomes de cinema, hotéis, teatros, restaurantes, bares, museus: the Hilton

(Hotel) / The National Theatre / The Star of India (restaurant)
i) Nome de instrumentos musicais : the sax, the flute, the organ, the guitar
j) antes de um substantivo único na espécie.
the earth (a terra) the sun (o sol), the moon (a lua), the sea (a mar),

The Bible (a biblia), the universe (o universo)
k) usamos the nomes de idiomas seguidos da palavra language:

The German language, the English language
l) usamos the com nacionalidades: The Chinese, The Brazilian, The Italian
m) usamos the com adjetivos substantivados representando uma classe (de pessoas principalmente) na qual está implícita a idéia de plural: the poor (os pobres)

the rich (os ricos)

The institution helped the blind. (A instituição ajudava os cegos)
n) usamos the com números ordinais: The first, The second, The third
Obs: Mas usamos the com nomes de restaurantes, cinemas, teatros, hotéis, bares, museus: ( como vimos no item H)

The Hilton (Hotel) / The National Theatre / The Star of India (restaurant)
c) antes de festividades, cores, refeições

Christmas, Green, Breakfast

 d) antes de substantivos de uso comum e de substantivos incontáveis.

Ex: gold (ouro) money (dinheiro) coffee (café)

e) antes de pronomes possessivos.

Ex: our dress (nosso vestido), their house (casa deles(as))

f) Lagos no singular - Lake Michigan

g) Nomes de ruas e avenidas

Willow Street, Seventh Avenue.
h) Plurais no sentido geral ( Computers are machines)
i) com substantivos que denotem lugar, como SCHOOL, CHURCH, WORK, HOSPITAL, HOME, PRISON, JAIL, UNIVERSITY, BED, DOWNTOWN, quando empregamos com o propósito normal a que eles se destinam:

Jack had an accident. He is in hospital.

The children are going to school.

I go to church. (to pray)

Eu vou para a igreja. (para rezar)

I go to school. (to study)

Eu vou para a escola. (para estudar)

Paul has gone to the hospital to visit a friend.

Mother is going to the school to talk to the Principal.
Obs: Se desejarmos especificar um nome próprio por exemplo, o artigo será utilizado: The David from Marketing is here to see you, sir. (Aqui fica implícito de que há outros Davids em outros departamento.
10) What about going to Australia in ________________'>________________February?

11) Last year we visited ________St. Paul's Cathedral and ________ Tower.

12) _________Mount Everest is ___________ highest mountain on earth.

13) _________Loch Ness is the most famous lake in Scotland.

14) _________most children like x sweets.

15) _________ summer of 1996 was hot and dry.

16) ________Plaza Hotel is on the corner of __________59th Street and ____________ 5th Avenue.

17) My sister often stays at ______________Uncle Tim's in Detroit.

18) Our friends ______________Millers moved to Florida last August.

19) _______________ smog is a problem in ________________big cities.

20) Our children go to ____________ school by ________________ bus.
02) Complete as sentenças abaixo com os artigos (a, an, the ou -x-)

a) Fruit is good for _____________ our health.

b) ________ Nile is _________ most famous river in ________ Egypt.

c) I bought _________bike for _______ my son. ______ bike is red.

d) Please, give me _________ glass of water and _______ empty bottle.

e) Today, _______ Hawaiian island are _______ part of _______ United States.

f) In ______Alaska, ______ weather is very cold.

g) ______ air is ________ necessity; but _______ in this classroom is not fresh.

h) _______ Flavia is studying ________ English and ______her sister is playing _____ piano.

i) _______ English class are on ______ Tuesday and ______ Thursday.

j) In ______ our Geography class, we are learning a lot about _____ Mars and _____ Jupiter.

k) _____ Elizabeth is ______ queen of _______ England.

l) _______ Plaza is _______ oldest hotel in ______ Salvador.

m) ______ Salvador is _______ capital of ________ Bahia.

n) _______ Gabriel saw _________ heir of ______ Tudors ______ last night.

o) ________ blood is red.

03) Escolha a alternativa correta:

01) Which of the following alternatives can complete the sentence?

___________ Rhine is ___________ longest river in _________ Germany.

( ) -x- , a, -x- ( ) -x-, the, -x- ( ) the, the, -x- ( ) the, the, the

09) Mark the correct alternative:

From midnight tonight _______ price of _____petrol will have _____rise. _____ rise is caused by the present high price of _______ oil in the Middle East.

( ) -x-, -x-, a, the, a ( ) the, -x-, a, the, -x- ( ) the, the, a, the, -x-

( ) -x-, the, the, a, -x-

10) Select the best option:

Paul, ______ doctor, was ______ first person in ______ his city to swim in _____ Mississipi River, on ______ tenth of ______ October 1970, and in _______ Lake Michigan, in _______ 1960's.

( ) a, the,-x-, the, the, -x-, -x-, the ( ) a, a, the, the, the, the, the,-x-

( ) the, the, -x-, the, -x-, -x-, -x-, the ( ) a, -x-, -x-, the, the, the, the, -x-

11) Fill in the blanks with the definite article:

______ Brazil is _____ most industrial country in ______ South America, while ____ United States holds ______ same position in _____ North America.

( ) -x-, the, the, -x-, the, -x- ( ) -x-, the, -x-, the, the, -x-

( ) -x-, the, the, the, the, -x- ( ) the, -x-, -x-, -x-, the, the

12) Assinale a opção correta:

____ coffee is the national drink of _____ Brazil. _____ Coca-Cola is the national drink of _______ United States.

( ) the, the, -x-, -x- ( ) -x-, -x-, -x-, -x- ( ) -x-, -x-, -x-, the

( ) the, the, the, the

13) Fill the blanks with a, an or the. If no word is necessary, put an x.

When my family and I moved to _____ south of ____Wales, I wanted to rent _____ house near _____ River Neath in _____ Black Mountains. I found one which had _____ big garden. I knocked on ______ front door of _____ house and _____ man came out following by_____ dog.

( ) the, the, a, -x-, the, the, -x- the, a, -x-

( ) the, -x-, a, the, the, a, the, the, a, a

( ) a, the, -x-, the, the, a, -x-, a, a, the

( ) -x-, -x-, the, the, the, a, the, the, the, a

20) Fill in the blanks with the definite article:

After he committed many crimes he was sent to ______ prison in ______ state of ________ Arizona.

( ) -x-, -x-, the ( ) -x-, the, -x- ( ) the, the -x- ( ) the, -x-, -x-

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