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There are many people at the club today. It is very big and beautiful.

There is a small lake in the club.

There are some people doing exercises.

Some boys are swimming. Some others are riding bikes around the lake. Some girls are playing volleyball. Some others are talking under a big tree.

The small children are playing in the playground.

And me? What am I doing here at the club? I am playing cards with my friends and watching the people at the club.

  • Marque a alternativa correta de acordo com o texto dado acima.

QUESTÃO 01 (Valor: 2,0)

  • __________ people are at the club today.

a) Many b) Much c) Not many d) Some e) No

QUESTÃO 02 (Valor: 2,0)

  • What am I doing at the club?

  • I’m __________________with my friends and_____________________ at the club.

  1. playingfootball / cycling.

  2. talking / speakingloudly.

  3. playing football / listening to the radio.

  4. playing cards / watching the people.

  5. Eating a sandwich / sleeping



The word sandwich comes from the English language and today it’s used in many other languages. The Earl of Sandwich was an English who lived in the 18th century. He was very fond of playing cards and was considered the greatest player of his time. He often played cards all day and all night. Sometimes, he played for twenty-four hours without stopping. He did not leave the card-table even to eat. Servants brought food to him. One day, they brought him some meat and some bread. Since he did not want to stop playing while he ate, he put the meat between two of the pieces of bread in order to continue playing.

From the name of this man, the Earl of Sandwich, we have the word sandwich today.

Adapted from Elementary Reader in English.

QUESTÃO 03 (Valor: 2,0)

  • The Earl of Sandwich was...

  1. Brazilian c) American e) Portuguese

  2. English d) Spaniard

QUESTÃO 04 (Valor: 2,0)

  • He lived in the 18th...

  1. decade c) century e) day

  2. month d) semester

QUESTÃO 05 (Valor: 2,0)

  • He was very fond of playing...

  1. cards c) bingo e) soccer

  2. the guitar d) domino

QUESTÃO 06 (Valor: 2,0)

  • He often played cards...

  1. very often c) only on weekends e) every day

  2. now and then d) all day and all night

QUESTÃO 07 (Valor: 2,0)

  • He played twenty-four hours without stopping” means:

  1. He played all day and all night. d) He played until midnight.

  2. He played during the day. e) He played part of the day.

  3. He never played.


Lupita's Day

Hello. My name is Lupita Gonzalez. I live in Monterrey, Mexico and I work in a large company. We make bottles and cans for soft drinks. I am a secretary. I answer the telephone and take messages. I also use a fax machine and a computer. My first language is Spanish but sometimes I speak English. Many of our clients are from the United States. My supervisor is Mr. Torres. He is an engineer. I start work at 8:00. I usually drive to work. I have lunch from 1:00 to 2:00. I finish work at 5:30. I go home and help my mother prepare dinner. We have dinner at 9:00. After dinner I usually watch television a while. I usually go to bed at 11:00.

Adapted from Easy English Learning
QUESTÃO 08 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  Where does Lupita live?


a) She lives in Monterrey, Mexico. d) She lives in a company.

b) She starts work at 8:00 o’clock. e) She is a secretary.

c) She lives in The USA.

QUESTÃO 96 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  Where does Lupita work?


a) She works in the USA.

b) She works in a company that makes bottles and cans.

c) She answers the telephone.

d) She takes messages.

e) She’s a teacher. 

QUESTÃO 10 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  What does Lupita do at work?


a) She answers the telephone and takes messages.

b) She is an engineer.

c) She drives to work.

d) She finishes work at 5:00 o’clock.

e) She cleans the office.

QUESTÃO 11 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  Which languages does Lupita speak?


a) She speaks German and Spanish. c) She speaks Spanish and English.

b) She speaks only Spanish. d) She speaks only English.

c) She speaks Portuguese and English.

QUESTÃO 12 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  Lupita __________ at 5:30, __________ at 9:00 and __________ at 11:00.


a) starts work / has lunch / goes to work

b) has lunch / has dinner / finishes work

c) goes to work / finishes work / goes to bed

d) finishes work / has dinner / goes to bed

e) has dinner / goes to work / finishes work


Two Sisters and The Dog


Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith are sisters. Mrs. Wilson lives in a ranch near Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a house in Seattle. One day Mrs. Wilson visits her sister. When her sister answers the door Mrs. Wilson sees tears in her eyes. "What's the matter?" she asks. Mrs. Smith says "My dog Ben died last night and I have no place to bury him".

She begins to cry again. Mrs. Wilson was very sad because she knew her sister loved the dog very much. Suddenly Mrs. Wilson says "I can bury your dog in my ranch and you can come and visit him sometimes. Mrs. Smith stops crying and the two sisters have tea together and a nice talk.

It is now six p.m. and Mrs. Wilson says it is time for her to go home. She puts on her hat, coat and gloves. Mrs. Smith puts the dead Ben in a shopping bag. Mrs. Wilson takes the shopping bag and walks to the train station. She waits a long time for the train so she buys a newspaper. When the train arrives she gets on it, sits down and puts the shopping bag on the floor beside her feet. She then begins to read the newspaper. When the train arrives at her station she gets off and walks for about ten minutes. Suddenly she remembers she left the shopping bag on the train.

Adapted from Easy English Reading, September 2008.


Near: perto To bury: enterrar Ranch: rancho


  • Choose the correct answer according to the text given.

QUESTÃO 13 (Valor: 2,0)

  • Where do Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith live?


a) Mrs. Wilson lives in a house in Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a ranch near Seattle.

b) Mrs. Wilson lives in a house near Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a ranch in Seattle.

c) Mrs. Wilson lives in a ranch in Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a house near Seattle.

d) Mrs. Wilson lives in a ranch near Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a house in Seattle.

e) Mrs. Wilson lives in a ranch near Seattle and Mrs. Smith lives in a house out of Seattle.

QUESTÃO 14 (Valor: 2,0)

  • Who died last night in the story?


a) Mrs. Smith’s dog Ben died. d) Mrs. Wilson’s sister died.

b) Mrs. Wilson’s dog Ben died. e) Mrs. Smith’s sister died.

c) Mrs. Wilson’s cat died.

QUESTÃO 15 (Valor: 2,0)

  • Why was Mrs. Wilson very sad?


a) Because her dog Ben died last night.

b) Because she knew her sister loved the dog very much.

c) Because her sister died last night.

d) Because she lived in a ranch.

 e) Because she alone in the ranch.

QUESTÃO 16 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  How does Mrs. Wilson return home?


a) She returns home by car. d) She returns home by bus.

b) She returns home by train. e) She returns home by bike.

c) She returns home by plane. 

QUESTÃO 17 (Valor: 2,0)

  •   What’s the problem at the end of the story?


a) Mrs. Smith’s sister died. d) Mrs. Wilson read the newspaper.

b) Mrs. Wilson left the shopping bag on the train. e) Mrs. Smith took the shopping bag.

c) Mrs. Smith lost her dog.


Carmen’s Birthday Party


Good evening. I’m talking to you from the Plaza Hotel. We’re here this evening for the eighteenth birthday party of the famous model, Carmen Marquez. I can see Carmen now. She’s arriving. She’s with her friend, the architect Diego Cortez.

Carmen is wearing a beautiful white dress, black shoes and a red hat. Diego is wearing a blue jacket and black pants.

There are lots of people for the party. Some people are taking pictures. Some people are talking and eating. The band is playing Carmen’s favorite song and lots of people are dancing. It’s a great party!

Adapted from Reading for Fun


  • Escolha a alternativa correta nas três próximas questões de acordo com o texto V.

QUESTÃO 18 (Valor: 2,0)

  •   What is Carmen Marquez wearing?


  1. She’s wearing a black skirt. d) She’s wearing mini skirt.

  2. She’s wearing a uniform. e) She’s wearing a white dress.

  3. She’s wearing jeans.

QUESTÃO 19 (Valor: 2,0)

  •  How many people are there for the party?


  1. There are lots of people. d) There aren’t many people.

  2. There are some people. e) There are several people.

  3. There are few people.

QUESTÃO 20 (Valor: 2,0)

  • Where is the party?

  1. It’s at Carmen’s house. d) It’s at Diego’s house

  2. It’s at a club. e) It’s at Plaza Hotel.

  3. It’s at night club.


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