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Articles - Christmas

Christmas is celebrated around the world in different ways. The difference in the traditions and cultures of the countries gave birth to the variant styles of celebration.

The real meaning of Christmas and the feel good spirit of the season remains the same in most parts of the world.

“– My name is Roberta Bonisson. I am all grown up now, but here are some of my childhood memories about the holidays in Brazil.

Christmas in Brazil is lots of fun and we celebrate pretty much like here, except that December is summer and very hot in Brazil, so we don't have snow and all of that. But we also decorate the tree, we exchange presents and wait for Santa to come.

But my favorite holiday is really the New Year because no matter what religion you are most people get together and have a big party. For those who live close to the beach in my country, there are a lot of fun because everyone dresses in white and we go to the beach at night to see the fireworks, while religious people offer presents to Yemanja, who is the goddess of the ocean. And, eating grapes, we make wishes for the year to come to be happy and beautiful.”

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