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Arctic warmest in two millennia

5 October 2009

Temperatures in the Arctic are now the highest they've been for 2,000 years, according to scientists. Researchers in the United States say that it is one of the clearest signs yet that human activity is warming the planet.

Richard Black

Scientists have produced evidence showing dramatically that the current temperature rise there is highly unusual. For most of the last two thousand years, the Arctic slowly cooled, a consequenceof variations in the Earth's orbit.

But over the last century, the cooling abruptly reversed, and the region is now warmer than at any time in the 2,000 year record. Writing in the journal Science, the researchers say this shows how quickly the Arctic responds to climatic changes. Richard Black, BBC News

vocabulary: warmest - o mais quente / they've been - eles estiveram / the clearest signs - os sinais mais claros /evidence - prova /climatic changes - mudanças climáticas/ warming - aquecimento / cooling - resfriamento

8) Este texto diz que as temperaturas no Ártico tem:

a) caído.

b) diminuído.

c) aumentado.

d) descido.
9) Considerando a linguagem no texto, é correto dizer:

a) a forma verbal "they've been" descreve uma ação disassociada do tempo presente.

b) as palavras "clearest" e "warmer" estão no mesmo grau de comparação.

c) a palavra "warming" e "cooling" tem significados opostos.

d) o 's em "Earth's orbit" é a contração de is.

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