Preparation of Abstract for the IV meeting of sbpmat

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20, 21 and 22 September 2017

Embrapa Instrumentation, São Carlos (SP) - BRAZIL

How to format an abstract to II LAPhPB submission.
S. Boyer1, A. P. Migliari1, D. Silva2, M.A. Saberia1, R.P. Bequer1
1Foschungszentrum Jülich / IBG-2: Plant Science, Jülich, Germany

2Embrapa Instrumentation São Carlos, SP, Brazil


Keywords: xx, xx, xx, xx, xx.
This is a template for the II LAPhPB abstract. Please read carefully and follow the instructions along this text. Do not use capital letters for the title or authors’ names and affiliations. Affiliations should follow a single row (only the name of the institution, without address), before the e-mail address. Equations should be inserted within the text containing the abstract body. Acknowledgements should be placed after the text, using a different paragraph. Reference along the text must be indexed using brackets [1], up to a maximum of 2; the list of cited papers must be included in a different section at the end of abstract text, under the caption ‘References:’. Please see example below for the correct format.
Agencies, people who discussed the results, etc.
[1] A.Uthor1, A.Uthor2 and A.Uthor3, Journal, vol., page, (year).

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