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11- Beijing (China)

Artistic selections for screening in Song Zhuang (Crying Monkey Award Nominees)


等待 (The Waiting)

-A vivid depiction of modern Shanghai seen through the eyes of 9-year-old Peipei Wang. Following her mother's death, she and her brother are forced to rely on each other. In traditional China, family is central but modern life is changing the culture. Emotions intensify when father is late from work one day and can’t be reached by phone. Peipei grasps the reality of their situation – without their father, they are entirely alone in the world. The children’s emotions involve us and draw us in throughout this short film. 电影通过移民小女孩,九岁王佩佩的视角,讲述一个发生在上海的动人故事。随着母亲的突然去世,佩佩和她的弟弟,被迫地过起了单亲的生活。在传统的中国文化中,对许多人而言,家庭是至关重要的;然而,现代移民式的生活,却潜移默化地影响传统的家庭观。自从失去了母爱的温暖,年小的姐弟俩人不得不相互依赖、彼此照料。。。随着故事的进展,电影渐渐地探究出家庭对于孩子的意义。一天,父亲因为工作忙碌,没能准时回家,姐弟焦急不安。佩佩害怕一旦失去爸爸,他们就孤伶伶地留在这世上了,这个念头使她对现实惶惶不安。姐弟俩之间强烈的情感伴随整个短片的过程,影片结尾出人意料。。。

Pelo Ouvido (Through the Ear)

Dealing with irreparable losses, Keyt tries to preserve the passionate side of her relationship. 


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