Lesson one

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  1. Meet Betty and Jim

  2. A casual chat

  3. Cheer up

  4. Telling the time

  5. It´s lunch time

  6. Comparisons

  7. What are all those people doing?

  8. Nicknames

  9. Monday morning

  10. Bad luck tide

  11. Invitation to a party

  12. Planning future parties

  13. A deeply concerned student

  14. Talking about the future

  15. Looking for a job

  16. Applying for a job

  17. Why people don’t get jobs

  18. Good news

  19. The interview

  20. Getting the job

  21. First day at the new job

  22. Relieving the stress

  23. Misunderstanding concerning and intromission

  24. Responsabilities

  25. Jane’s new job

  26. Job routines

  27. A perfect Saturday morning

  28. Wondering and wandering

  29. A dream becomes true

  30. Travelling plans

  31. Adjusting a dream to a budget

  32. Deciding who will be in charge of what

  33. Packing things up

  34. At the airport

  35. Flying High

  36. Landing on a dream

  37. Under the parisian sky

  38. Arrivederci Rome

  39. Endurance and renewal

  40. ye merry ole town

  41. Farewell

  42. There’s no place like home

1. Meet Betty and Jim
This is Jim. He is a student.

That is Betty. She is a student too.

Here is Jim. Jim is here.

There is Betty. Betty is there.

Jim and Betty are students.

They are students.

Jim: Good morning, Betty!

Betty: Good morning, Jim!

Jim: How are you?

Betty: I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

Jim: Fine, thanks.
2. A casual chat
Betty: Hello, Jim.

Jim: Hi, Betty.

Betty: What's that in your breast-pocket?

Jim: This? Oh, it's my new pen.

Betty: A pen?

Jim: Yes, it's a ball-point pen.

Betty: It's a beautiful pen.

Jim: Thank you.

Betty: Look, what's that?

Jim: That? Oh, it's a jet.

Betty: A jet?

Jim: Yes, an airplane.

Betty: Hey, Jim, who's that boy?

Jim: What boy?

Betty: That one, with the red shirt!

Jim: Oh that boy. His name is Jack.

Betty: Is he your friend?

Jim: Yes, he's an old friend of mine. And who's that girl?

Betty: Oh, that's Miss Perkins. She's the new English teacher.

Jim: Is she the new teacher? She looks so young...and she's so pretty!

Betty: Watch your step, young man!

An old friend of mine = um velho amigo meu

Ball-point pen = caneta esferográfica

Breast pocket = bolso dianteiro

Jet = jato

She looks so Young = ela parece tão jovem

That one = aquele um, aquele ali

“Watch your step” = “tome cuidado”, “olhe onde pisa”

3. Cheer up

Jim: Hi, Betty.

Betty: Hi Jim.

Jim: Say, where's everybody?

Betty: Where's who?

Jim: Well, everybody! Our classmates!

Betty: Oh, I think they're all in the gym.

Jim: What's going on there?

Betty: There's a basketball game going on there.

Jim: Really? Do you know where the gym is?

Betty: Yes, I do.

Jim: And don't you want to go there?

Betty: No, I don' t like basketball

Jim: Is there a place where you want to go instead?

Betty: In fact, there's not. I'm not feeling very well today.

Jim: Oh, what a pity! Let me try to cheer you up. What about an ice-cream cone?

Betty: Hmm! That sounds good! But, where can we have it?

Jim: I know where! There's a new ice-cream parlour just two blocks down the street! What do you say?

Betty: Okay, let's give it a try.

Cheer you up = animar você

Classmates = amigos de classe

Feeling = sentindo

Gym = academia

ice-cream parlour = sorveteria

In fact = na verdade

Instead = ao invés

let's give it a try = vamos experimentar

That sounds good! = Isso parece legal!

two blocks down the street = dois quarteirões descendo a rua

what a pity! = que pena!

What about = que tal

What’s going on? = O que está acontecendo?

4. Telling the time

Betty: I think my watch is slow. Jim, please, can you tell me what time is it?

Jim: It's a quarter to ten.

Betty: My God! Is your watch right? Isn't it a little fast?

Jim: Of course it is right! It's a brand new wrist watch!

Betty: Let's hurry, then! We're late!

Jim: Are we? What for?

Betty: Our English class! It begins at ten o'clock sharp!

Jim: Oh, my! Let's hurry up!

brand new = novíssimo

Fast = adiantado, rápido

Let's hurry = vamos nos apressar (vamos correr)

Let's hurry up! = Vamos correr!

Of course = é claro

Right = certo

Sharp = em ponto

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