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Trabalho de Recuperação Final de Inglês

Profº: Adeildo

2ª Série EM





Back to the future

Is time travel possible? Commonsense tells us it is not. Time machines, surely, are simply the stuff of science fiction. But scientists from California to Moscow are now seriously investigating the possibility. Their startling finding is that the laws of physics do allow for the existence of time machines — but there is no prospect of a human being using one to go back and change the past.

If their investigations sound like something out of science fiction, it is hardly surprising. The saga began when astronomer Carl Sagan decided to write a science fiction novel. Seeking a purely fictional device to transport his characters across the Universe, he asked a mathematician friend, John Wheeler, to suggest some imitation science,

pretending to be based on Einstein's theory of relativity, with which he wanted to impress his readers.

To their surprise, when wheeler and his colleagues looked closely at the relevant equations they found imitations unnecessary. According to Einstein's theory, "tunnels" through both space and time really might exist.
1) Embora o homem realmente possa vir a construir uma máquina do tempo, o que não lhe será possível fazer?
2) Que embasamento científico fundamentaria a existência da máquina do tempo?

3) Answer according to the text Heath News.

a) Por que os bares britânicos decidiram acabar com as " happy hours" ?

b) A que se refere a porcentagem de 35% mencionada no texto?
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