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Helena Ranaldi Nogueira was born in São Paulo, on May 24th, 1967, under Gemini. At the tender age of six, she used to lock herself up in her bedroom to imitate Regina Duarte, hiding from her parents and four sisters her desire to be an actress.
Her acting career, in fact, only began in 1991, when Helena came to Rio de Janeiro to visit a friend. She took an audition at Manchete TV just for the sake of it and returned to São Paulo, thinking she would be forgotten.
A couple of days later, she got a phone call informing her that she had been selected for a small role in the novela “Ana Raio e Zé Trovão”. “I almost died of happiness”, remembers Helena, demonstrating her great love for the profession.
Before taking her first steps as an actress, Helena took a performing arts course with Antunes Filho, at the Theater Research Center. She also graduated in Phys Ed, hoping to become a teacher, but abandoned the profession when she was invited to star in television commercials.
After “Ana Raio”, Helena starred in “Amazonia”, yet another novela at Manchete TV.
In 1992, Helena was invited by Globo TV to play the part of Nina, a rich and romantic young woman in the novela “The Farewell Party”. In “An Eye for An Eye”, also at Globo TV, she played Malena, one of the protagonists, starring alongside renowned actor Tony Ramos.
Not bad for someone who used to hide her artistic vein as a child. “The good thing about acting is that we’re always evolving”, says Helena.
As for the future, Helena says she would like to study song and dance, which have interested her since she was a child, when she used to sing along with her father while he played the guitar.
“There are things in life that simply happen. I would say fate has taken me down the best of routes”, says Helena.


1990 - “A HISTÓRIA DE ANA RAIO E ZÉ TROVÃO” - Novela by Marcos Caruso and Rita Buzzar, original idea, script and general direction by Jayme Monjardin - directed by Marcos Schechtman and Roberto Naar - Manchete TV.
1992 - “AMAZONIA” - Novela by Jorge Duran - with the collaboration of Denise Bandeira, Paulo Halm, Ana María Nunes and Regina Braga - directed by Carlos Magalhães, Marcelo de Barreto, Tizuka Yamazaki - Manchete TV
1992 - “THE FAREWELL PARTY” - Novela by Walter Negrão - directed by Reinaldo Boury, Carlos Manga Jr. and Claudio Cavalcanti - Globo TV.
1993 - “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” - Novela by Antonio Calmon - directed by Ricardo Waddington - Globo TV.
1994 - “FOUR LIVES, FOUR LOVES” - Novela by Carlos Lombardi - directed by Ricardo Waddington - Globo TV.
1995 - “GYPSY HEART” - Novela by Gloria Perez - directed by Denis Carvalho, Ary Coslov and Carlos Araujo - Globo TV.
1996 - “DATE WITH DESTINY” - Novela by Walter Negrão, with the collaboration of Elizabeth Jhin, Angela Carneiro and Vinicius Vianna - Globo TV.
1999 - “WALKING THE CLOUDS” Novela by Euclydes Marinho, general direction by Denis Carvalho – Globo TV.
2000 - “FAMILY TIES” - Novela by Manoel Carlos – directed by Ricardo Waddington - Globo TV.

2001 - “THE PRESENCE OF ANITA” – Miniseries by Manoel Carlos – directed by Ricardo Waddington – Globo TV.
2002 - “A STUDENT’S HEART”, novela by Emanuel Jacobina, directed by: Ricardo Waddington. Globo TV
2003 - “WOMEN IN LOVE”, novela by Manoel Carlos, directed by: Ricardo Waddington. Globo TV
2004 - “HER OWN DESTINY”, novela by Aguinaldo Silva, directed by: Wolf Maya. Globo TV

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