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13. Job position/Professional experience:


Location, Company/Organization

Position, job description

September 2006 (ongoing)

Center for Social Studies (CES) – Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra – Portugal

- Senior Researcher

April 2014- April 2019

Regione Toscana, Italy (ongoing)

Tuscany Region

  • - Member of the Director Board of the Independent Authority for Promoting Participation (named by the Tuscany Regional Parliament by unanimity)

April 2004-September 2006

Municipality of Venice – Secretariat for European Projects and International Relations and European Commission

Scientific Coordinator of the EU-funded project named “INCLUIR” - Programme URB-AL – Network nº 9 about “Participatory Budget and Local Finances”.

December 2003-June 2006

Municipality of Rome – Department XIX and European Commission

Thematic Expert for Local Surveys about Participatory Practices – inside the EU-funded Programme URBACT – Network “Participando” – Authors of one Chapter of the final “Handbbook”.

September 2002-July 2006

Faculty of Architecture - Università degli Studi di Firenze – Florence – Italy

Assistant Professor in Urban Management and Territorial Analysis

September 2001-January 2002

Faculty of Architecture - Università degli Studi di Firenze – Florence – Italy

Lecturer of Territorial Analysis, and then Urban Management

July 2003-January 2008

Comune di Dicomano

Responsible for the Master Plan and the participatory process of its implementation

April 2001-September 2003

Comune di Scandicci

Team member of the Master Plan project; responsible for the GIS informatics system

Since May 2000

Università Federico II – Napoli - Dipartimento di Conservazione dei beni architettonici ed ambientali

UNICEF Committee of Lecce and Università di Lecce

Università di Bologna/CESTAS - “Master in Direzione Strategica per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile

Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia – “Master per la formazione di esperti in pianificazione urbana e territoriale nei paesi in via di sviluppo

Università Luigi Bocconi di Milano – “Master in Management Pubblico”.

Doctoral and graduate seminars on Participatory Budgeting, Agenda XXI Strategies and Participative Planning

May 2002

Provincia Autonoma di Trento/Unimondo-Oneworld NGO and World Social Agenda

Coordinator and professor in the 5 days residential Training Course for Local Authorities and Public Employees: “Tools and Indicators of Local democracy: the participatory budget”, coordinating international trainers from 8 different countries experimenting PB models.

September 1998-March 2000

Comune di Mantova and TEA Agency

Researcher for the Municipality on the topic: “Art Nouveau cemeteries and urban memories”. The work is published in the book ‘Pietre della Memoria’, (PubliPaolini, Mantova, 2000)

January 1998


Starting freelance professional activity as an architect/town planner

September 1997 February 1998

Comune di Fiesole

Responsible for organizing the international conference: “Cemeteries in the Landscape and Landscaped Cemeteries: searching for a dialogue” (6-7 february 1998). Co-editor of proceedings


International Red Cross

Declared ‘International Delegate of the Red Cross for English-speaking Countries’ after a special training course for selected members in Verona.

The candidate also took part in solidarity journeys with some Italian NGOs in Iraq (Un Ponte per Baghdad, dec 19994/jan 1995) and Lybia ( Associazione Nino Pasti, march 1997).

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