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7. Membership of Professional Bodies:

Member 5234 of the Architectural Rank of Florence, Italy (1998-2012)

Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the Intercommunal Association “Rete del Nuovo Municipio” (since 2003-2009).
Throughout his present Institution (CES) is a Member of the OIDP (International Observatory of Participatory Democracy) and an Observer Delegate at the Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human rights of UCLG.

It is Member of the Standing Group on Democratic Innovation of ECPR - European Consortium for Political Research.

8. Computing: experience with GIS (Arcview, ARCGIS), Autocad, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet search

9. Present Positions:

  • Researcher at the Center for Social Studies (CES) – Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra – Portugal

  • Coordinator of the Ph.D. “Democracy of the XXIst Century” (CES/FEUC)

  • Co-coordinator of the Working Group DECIDe (on Democracy, Citizenship and Law) at CES

  • Co-coordinator of the PEOPLES’ Observatory on Participation, Innovation and Local Powers at CES

  • Co-chair of the Independent Authority for the Promotion of Participation in Tuscany Region (named by the Regional Parliament by unanimity in March 2014, for the period 2014-2019).

  • Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Film-Festival “Democracine” (Porto Alegre, since the 2012) and two editions of the Itinerant “Fest-CINEAMAZONIA” FilmFest (Coimbra: 2009, 2012).

10. Years of professional experience: 18

11. Expertise (key words): participatory budgeting, participatory and strategic planning,techniques of Public Debate, urban management innovations, urban and territorial planning, institutional decentralisation, citizen consultation, public spaces, reclamation of informal settlements, research on the ‘insurgent living practices’ in the city, urban and peri-urban agriculture, allotment gardens, student housing.

12. Specific experience in projects, evaluation and training activities:

Country and City

Name and brief description of the project



Coordinator of Training of the project “Dupla Paz” coordinated by the NGO “Oikos” and funded by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.



Focal Point for Tuscany Region of the networking project of the “Participedia” consortium, coordinated by the Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant

Cape Verde


External evaluator position for the project of local development “Pro.con.Sal” da ONG “Africa 70” in Sal Island, funded by European Union.

European Consortium based in Portugal


General Coordinator and Principal Investigator of the European Project “EMPATIA - Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations” funded by EU progamme Horizon 2020 – Call: H2020-ICT-2015 - Topic: ICT-10-2015

Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus


External consultant of the Council of Europe (Congress of Local and Regional Authorities) for the programme “Support to Citizen Participation Initiatives” – implementation of pilot projects in Armenia



Coordinator of the Consultancy on Participatory Budgeting in Quelimane, as part of the National Streategy of Participatory Budgeting in Mozambique, coordinated by the Associação In Loco and funded by the World Bank.

Coimbra, Portugal


Member of the Project "PARTIS - Práticas Artísticas para Inclusão Social" coordenated by "O Teatrão" within the Glbenkian Programme of Human Development

Barcelona, Spain


Member of the Consultancy Team of UCLG Committee on Participatory Democracy, Social Inclusion and Human Rights for the “Think Paper on Inclusive Cities” within the process of the IV Gold Report on Decentralization.

Seville, Spain


Member of the Portuguese Unit of the EU-funded trans-national project "Participación de los jóvenes en los movimientos sociales y en política Local. La juventud mueve Europa” within the Programme “Joventud en acción”, coordinated by Fundo Andaluso dos Municipios para Solidariedade Internacional (FAMSI).

S. Paulo, Brazil/Barcelona, Spain

Member of the European Research Unit of UCLG in the trans-national project "Avanzando hacia la implementación del derecho a la ciudad en América Latina y en el plano internacional” (HIC/POlis/Ford Foundation)

S.Paulo, Brazil /

Coimbra, Portugal

Coordinator of Portuguese Unit in the project “Alojamento Estudantil e Mobilidade Internacional” within the research “Mobilidade academica internacional” coordinated by ESPM, Brazil

S. Bras de Alportel/Lagoa/Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Trainer in the course “Education for Citizen Participation” for school professors in different municipalities of Portugal.

Cascais, Portugal

Trainer and tutor of the 9-months Training Course on “Participatory Democracy” and methologies of participation, organized by the Municipality of Cascais (with In-Loco Association) for 40 of its civil servants (October2013-May 2014)

Barcelona, Spain/ Berlin, Germany

Coordinator of a UCLG research on "Community-Based Monitoring and a Possible New Dialogue with Local Governments: An Overview of International Experiences" funded by UCLG, OIDP and the German Cooperation Agency GIZ

Padua, Italy

Coordinator of the Evaluation Report "Analisys on Participatory activities implemented by Municipality of Padua (sectors dealing with Decentralization, Associations, Public Relations and Comunications) 2009-2012" - (January-December, 2013)

Yerevan, Armenia

Consultant of the Council of Europe for training on Participatory Budgeting (June, 2013)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Resource Person for the World Bank, for training on Participatory Budgeting in Romania (June, 2013)

Amman, Jordan

Consultant for the NGO “Partners-Jordan” for training of trainers on Participatory Budgeting in Jordan, with funding of the Dutch Cooperation Agency

Coimbra, Portugal

Member of the Research Team of the project "Migration studies and the biographical approach: building a collaborative framework in the Portuguese context" funded by FCT (and coordinated by Elsa Lechner)

Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal

Consultant of Condeixa-a-Nova Municipality for the implementation of School Participatory Budgeting (OPG) since 2012, and the General PB (OPG) since 2013.

Bonn, Germany/ Coimbra, Portugal

Coordinator of the updating study of the Report "Learning from the South: Participatory Budgeting Worldwide - An Invitation to Global Cooperation", funded by Engagement Global gGmbH – Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen (GLOBAL CIVIC ENGAGEMENT - Service for Development Initiatives) - Service Agency Communities in One World

Washington, DC, US

RDC (Congo)

Consultant for the World Bank Institute (WBI) for evaluating 8 processes of participatory budgeting with the use of ICTs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (South Kivu Region).

Trofa - Portugal

Consultant of Trofa Municipality for the implementation of School Participatory Budgeting (OPJ)

Malaga - Spain

Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the international “PARLOCAL” Project on Participatory Budgeting (funded by EU Commission and including members from 36 Spanish/Uruguayan and Dominican cities); coordinator of the CES training unit in the learning course for Municipal employees.

Coimbra, Portugal

Coordinator (PI) of the project “Participatory Budgeting as innovative tool for reinventing local institutions in Portugal and Cape Verde? A critical analysis of performance and transfers” funded by FCT
In 2012-2014, he has been co-director of the documentary movie "Uma revolução tranquila. Os orçamentos participativos numa perspectiva portuguesa" (with Pierre Stoeber - Solid Productions France/Portugal, 2014) edited in Portugues, English and French.

Beiijing, China

Resource person in the project “Legal Issues of Public Participation”

Arezzo Municipality - Italy

Consultant of Arezzo Municipality for Participatory Budget, together with SocioLab

Regione Lazio – Italy

Training Consultant on Participatory Budgeting for the Lazio Region within an annual “call for projects” for supporting municipal councils in experimenting PB

La Paz, Bolivia, and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Coordinator of the OIDP Working Group on “Participation and Audiovisuals” and the festival “Demos-fest”.

Municipality of Lisbon

Coordinator of the Training Unit for participatory Budgeting

Praia and Espargos - Republic of Cape Verde

Evaluator for the NGO “Africa ‘70” of two Slum Reclamation Projects funded by ESF

Saly Portudal, Senegal

October 2008

Resource Person in the ENDA/World Bank/UN-Habitat Regional Conference on Participatory Budgeting in Francophone Africa.


Coordinator of the Training Unit of the Project “Orçamento Participativo. Mais participação, melhor democraciafunded by EQUAL, which organises 8 regional and sub-regional training workshops and 20 “on-demand” municipal training sessions on Participatory Budgeting for Portugues Local Authorities.


Consultant of SALAR (Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions) for the implementation of 6 pilot-projects of Participatory Budget in Sweden.


April 2008-may 2009
Coordinator of the Working Group on Participatory Budgeting and Planning within the Municipal network in Lusophone Countries established in Brasilia on April 2008, in preparation of the 2nd International Meeting of 2009.

Durban, South Africa

12-14 March 2008
Resource Person in the MDP/World Bank/UN-Habitat Regional Conference and Workshop on Participatory Budgeting in Anglophone Africa.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

February 2008
Resource Person for local participatory processes within the process called“CONFERÊNCIA MUNDIAL SOBRE DESENVOLVIMENTO DE CIDADES”.

Bali, Indonesia

January 2008
Resource Person invited by Kemitraan/TI-Indonesia to train on Participatory Budgeting during the open public Forum “Combating Corruption in Democratic Transition” in preparation of UNCAC IIº International Seminar.

Coimbra, Portugal


Member of the Research Unit of the project "Formal access to local political spaces in the local context: Immigrant Voters and Elected in Portuguese Municipalities and Parishes" funded by FCT (coordinated by Prof. Fernando Ruivo)

UDINE, Italy

December 2007

Resource Person invited to the final seminar by the URBAL Project “Come costruire un bilancio partecipativo. Trasferimento di buone prassi in una prospettiva di reciproco scambio

Petroupolis, Greece

December 2007

Training Consultant on Participatory Budgeting for the Nicos Poulantzas Foundation and the Municipality of Petroupolis, in the Athens metropolitan area (4 meetings)

St. Etienne, France

December 2007

Resource Person in the International Seminar on Participatory Budget within the Rhône-Alpes Region International Meeting « La démocratie participative du local au global : pour quel développement ? »


July 2007

Resource Person in the training seminar on Participatory Democracy organised in Hanoi by the Institute for European Studies


July 2007

Lecturer on Participation, Technologies and the “Knowledge City” at the Faculty of Architecture – Intermational Islamic University – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, and invited speaker for the AUDI (Arab Urban Development Institute) in Shah Alam.


June 2007

Organizer of the first Training Course on “Participatory Budget” for Portuguese Local Authorities, together with CEFA (Training Organisation for Municipal Personnel in Portugal).


June 2007

Resource Person in the Training sessions about Participatory Budget for the Politicians and Technicians of the Vara Municipality (11-12 June).

Saudi Arabia

May 2007

Visiting Professor at the Institute for Architecture and Planning of the King Saud University (Ryiadh) and invited Speaker for the Saudi Association of Planners.


April 2007

Named member of the Jury for the ‘best practices award 2007’ given by the OIDP-International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (Barcelona, Spain)


April 2007

Training sessions about Participatory Budget for the Politicians and Technicians of the Trento Municipality (26-27april)


March 2007

Facilitator at the International Days on Participatory Budgeting organised by Malaga Province and Seville Municipality (28-31 march)


March 2007

Co-organizer (together with the NGO “In loco”) of the First Portuguese Meeting of Participatory Budgeting practices, in Sao Bras de Alportel (Algarve)


February 2007

Organizer of the Comparative Seminar Portugal-Sweden on “Local Finances and participation”, together with CEFA (Training Organisation for Municiapl Personnel in Portugal)


February 2007

Training sessions about Participatory Budget for Transparency International Morocco – Casablanca


December 2006

Paper about Participatory Budget in Europe in the Conference “Participatory Democracy in Theory and Practice: Chinese and European Perspectives”, Haikou (Hainan Province), 9-11 December 2006, organised by the English ONG The Rightspractice, the Peking University & Science Po Paris, funded by the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights

Reunion Island (France)

November 2006

Resource Person in a training sessions about Participatory Budgeting and the Relationship with Participatory Planning at the “3me Marches Citoyennes” in Saint-Paul Municipality (28-30 November)


September 2006-

Resource person in the training session about Participatory Budget in Europe and North and South-America, organised by the Municipal Development Partnership for Africa/Enda Ecopop with funding from World Bank Institute/UN-Habitat, within the activities of the panafrican “Africities Summit”, Nairobi 18-22 September 2006


June 2006

Training session about Participatory Budget in Europe and Noth-America, within the activities of the UN-HABITAT 3rd “World Urban Forum” (organised by CIGU/Local Authority Forum for Social Inclusion)


June 2006

Expert of the European Commission (URBACT programme) called to facilitate the Session “Methods of Citizen Participation”, within the Cross Cutting Thematic Working Group on participation (Valencia, June 9-10)


April 2006-open

Responsible of the Italian Research Unit within the Programme PICRI (Paris VIII/ADELS) “Vers une democratie Tecnique?” dealing with participatory municipal innovations in Rome-Paris-Berlin.


July 2004-January 2005

Consultant of the Municipality of Venice in charge of the experimental Participatory Budget process in 3 District (Marghera, Lido, Favaro) – within the EU-funded Project LHASA (Interreg).

Capo Verde Islands

July-August 2005

Member of the Final Evaluation Team for the Reclamation –Pilot Project for Bela Vista in Praia (Isle of Santiago) promoted by the European Commission and the NGO “Africa ‘70”. His role is evaluating the contribution of participation in the success of the 3-years project.


October 2003-March 2006

Expertise on Participatory Budget during training courses for municipal administrators and employees, NGOs and universities in Sevilla, Cordoba and Athens.


July 2003-open

Evaluation of citizen participation projects in the Italian Municipalities, in the framework of the Observatory on Local democracy and Participation strategies, Intercommunal Association ‘Rete del Nuovo Municipio’


July 2003-January 2008

Responsible for the Master Plan of the Municipality of Dicomano


June 2003-2005

Expertise on Participatory Budgeting in Trento, Venice, Rome, Piacenza, Pieve Emanuele, Pomigliano d’Arco, Regio (Italy)


May 2003

Expertise on Participatory Budget during training courses for municipal administrators and employees, NGOs and universities, organised by Transparency International – TI Indonesia


February-April 2003

Trainer on Participatory Budgeting for ‘Margherita’ Coalition in Tuscany and for Municipio XI Administration in Rome


April 2003

Trainer on Participatory Budgeting in Bobigny Municipality

Great Britain

March 2002

Trainer on Participatory Budgeting in London, for the Manchester Community Pride Training Course


April 2001-September 2003

Responsible for the GIS system project in the Municipality of Scandicci, and responsible for popular participation inside the Master Plan team

Europe (France/Spain/Finland/Denmark/Ireland/Italy/Germany)

March 2000-February 2001

Consultant (in the field of Town Planning) for COSPE and Quartiere S. Donato of Bologna, Project Leaders of the European Commission funded international project “Participation for fighting discriminations: the role of socio-cultural centers” (1999/2000).


January 2000 – October 2002

University Research (co-funded by the Ministery of University and Scientific Research) about ‘Insurgent Planning Practices’ in Florence. Focus about spaces of immigration and public protests. The work of the candidate “Looking for room: Florentine stories” wins the international competition “City and immigration” by Planum, on-line magazine of the Italian Town Planning Institute.


October 1998-June 1999

Foreign observer of Participatory Budgeting process in the city of Porto Alegre and the State of Rio Grande do Sul



Participative Planning Laboratory in San Concordio Neighbourhood (Lucca) together with University of Florence and a CNR funded research

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