Adolescência Padrões de beleza, imagem corporal 1 What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

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Tópicos de Gramática e Vocabulário abordados nos exercícios abaixo:
Conditional Sentences (Zero and First Conditionals)

Adolescência Padrões de beleza, imagem corporal

1 What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

a) It ____________________________________________________________________________

b) they ____________________________________________________________________________

c) They ____________________________________________________________________________

d) it ____________________________________________________________________________
2 Combine the sentences halves to form sentences.

a) GirlsUp wants to help ( ) people’s self-esteem.

b) Many girls wish to ( ) girls should exercise, practice a sport and eat well.

c) Obesity influences ( ) are concerned about their bodies.

d) Luckily not all teens ( ) be as skinny as a model.

e) To have a healthy body ( ) girls worry less about physical appearance.

3 Circle the correct alternative.

3.1 A skinny person is a very ___________ person.

a) alone b) sad c) tall d) thin

3.2 “Shy” is the opposite of:

a) creative b) sociable c) rude d) generous

3.3 Obesity is a _______________ problem among teenagers.

a) curious b) growing c) small d) uncomfortable
4 Complete the sentences with the zero or first conditional form of the verbs in parentheses.

  1. If you get sick during your vacation, ___________________________________ your doctor. (call)

  2. If he gets the job at the bank, he _____________________________________ to Curitiba. (move)

  3. If the car breaks down, ____________________________________________ the mechanic. (call)

  4. If you need help at school, ________________________________ to your school counselor. (talk)

  5. If you run, you _____________________________________________________ the train. (catch)

5 Use the verbs in parentheses in the appropriate form to fill in the gaps.

I am from a small town. Next summer my family is planning to move to a bigger city. My father got a new job there. If I _______________________ (live) away from my home town, I _______________________ (miss) my school friends, but still I want to experience life in a big city. But if we _____________________ (stay) here, I know I will be bored and I _____________________ (not/have) a chance to do different things and meet new people. My sister and I _______________________ (have) the opportunity to study in a big school and probably get into a good university. There are no universities in our town, so if we _______________________ (not / move) now, we _______________________ (have) to some day.

Answer Key
1 a) GirlsUp; b) (lots of) girls; c) (adolescent) girls; d) obesity

2 c; e; d; b; a

  1. 3.1 d; 3.2 a; 3.3 b

  2. a) call; b) will move; c) call; d) talk; e) will catch

5 live; will miss; stay; won’t have; will have; don’t move; will need

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