Admission in the oncology postgraduate program registration process first requirements for admission

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Document prepared by the Graduate Student of the Oncology Program

(Elaborado por: Comissão de Alunos Estrangeiros, Agosto/2015)

In order to register in the Oncology Program, first you need to be accepted as a student by a certified Faculty Member of the program (ORIENTADOR(A)). Once you´ve completed this step, you will need the following documents.

  • A letter from your advisor agreeing to accept you as a student

  • A research project proposal

  • A Lattes curriculum (To create follow this link

Once you gather these documents, send them with your CV Lattes link to the postgraduate office e-mail:

After the aforementioned steps, your application will be evaluated, and if approved you will take the admission test.
The admission test consists of an oral presentation of a scientific paper about a subject related to your project. In addition, your research project proposal, Lattes Curriculum and academic records will also be evaluated.
For the oral presentation, you will receive the chosen scientific paper and will have 4 hours to read it and prepare your presentation which will be of one hour including discussion. A panel composed of two Faculty Members appointed by the CCP (Comissão Coordenadora do Programa) will evaluate your analytical and critical interpretation of the scientific paper.

Once you are accepted into the Oncology Program, you will need the following documents to register:

  • A copy of your CPF (Fiscal document; see below)

  • A recent 3x4 cm color photo with white background.

  • Proof of completion of higher education or equivalent.

  • Transcripts of your academic record emitted by the undergraduate secretary of you university.

  • Recommendation letter

  • Payment voucher of R$150.00 (one hundred and fifty reals). This voucher is delivered to the postgraduate secretary.

  • Certificate of English proficiency.

The registration has to be made at the secretariat of the Oncology Program located at Room 36, 6th floor of the Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo(ICESP)

In order to certify English proficiency, an assessment will be conducted by a commission composed of two members nominated by the CCP and presided by a faculty member from the program. For master´s applicants, the test involves the translation from English to Portuguese of a scientific text (a dictionary can be used). For doctorate applicants, the exam consists in summarizing in English a scientific text in Portuguese.
For both programs the following proficiency test are also accepted:

  • TOEFL. Toefl internet-based Test, Toefl Computer-based Test,Toefl Paper-based Test.

  • Reading Test in English for Candidates for Postgraduate Courses, undertaken at the Cultura Inglesa, exclusively for USP Medical School (FMUSP). (add link)

  • IELTS.

  • Cambridge.

  • Michigan.

Foreign students must present the CELPE-BRAS “Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros,” which certifies proficiency in portuguese. This certificate must be presented latest by 18 months (Master’s Program), 24 months (Ph. D. Program) or 30 months (Direct Ph. D. Program) from the registration into the Oncology Program.


In order to stay in Brazil during the duration of your studies (and for some countries to even enter into Brazil) the first thing you need to get is a student visa. Brazil offers a visa type VITEM IV that may be granted to a foreigner who intends to come to Brazil on a temporary basis, as a student, without any immigration purpose or paid work
This visa needs to be filed at a Brazilian consulate in your country of origin. You will need to contact the Brazilian consulate in your country to find out the specific requirements for this type of visa. Some of these requirements may include:

  • Passport valid beyond 6 months

  • Criminal Record

  • Letter of acceptance of the program or university that you will attend in Brazil

  • Proof of scholarship or, in its absence, proof of financial capacity for living in Brazil

This type of visa is valid for one year but it may be extended annually for the duration of your program. It is mandatory that within 30 days of your arrival in Brazil you process your RNE (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros) and that before a month of your RNE expiration (one year later) you extend your stay (If you go after a month before expiration you will pay a penalty).

The RNE (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros) is the identity document for foreigners living temporarily or permanently in Brazil. This document is obtained at the Policia Federal of the locality where you live (São Paulo, Campinas, etc.). The Policia Federal is the institution responsible for immigration matters.
Once you get your visa (most likely a VITEM IV type, for study purposes) it will be stamped on your visa that you will have 30 days from the day of your arrival in Brazil to go to the Policia Federal of your locality and process your RNE.
On the Policia Federal website (in the estrangeiro section), you will find all the information about the documents needed to get your RNE issued:
In order to process your RNE you will need to go to this websiteão-renovacao-de-cedula-de-identidade-de-estrangeiro/requerer-registro-renovacao-e-anistia and follow five simple steps that are listed there.
Among the documents that you need to provide to the Policia Federal is a proof of address, this could be your rent contract, a water or electricity bill in your name with your address in Brazil or a declaration (made at the registry or cartório) stating that you live with another person that has a formal address..

The Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF) is the number attributed by the Receita Federal to every Brazilian or foreigner. This document is used in fiscal and financial operations such as opening a bank account.
In order to process your CPF you will need to follow these steps:

  • Fill out an online form at the website of the Receita Federal and then print it out: nscricao.asp

  • Then, you will need to pay a fee at any bank or post office (correios)

To obtain an account (required to receive a student fellowship) you will need to go to a Banco do Brasil agency with the followings documents:

  • CPF

  • RNE

  • Proof of address

  • Proof of income or a letter explaining you are in the process of getting into the program.

There are two Banco do Brasil agencies near ICESP. It will be easier to open your accounts in either one of them since you will need to go back and pick up your debit card:

  • Banco do Brasil-Secretaria da Saude Pública: Av. Dr. Arnaldo, 351 –Térreo

  • Banco do Brasil-Hospital Clínicas: Rua Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos, 225 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP

CELPE-Bras is the Brazilian portuguese proficiency test, it stands for “Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros”. This test measures the communicative skills of the non-native speaker, and for this reason, it focuses on a good ability to use the language in real life situations rather than ideal grammar or vocabulary knowledge.
For registration go to this site:
There is no location to take the test in São Paulo. The nearest option you have is São Bernardo do Campo. Another good option is Campinas, which is 100 km from SP.
When scheduling the test, it is important to keep in mind that the test is available just twice a year, usually in April and October.
From 2016 the fee is R$200,00
The test is divided in two sections. On the first section, you will perform four tasks. After you have listened to a recording, watched a T.V. program or read a short text, you will write about what was previously shown in a specific written format (e.g. letter, e-mail). The duration of the test is three hours. It is advisable to manage your time during the test carefully.
The second section is a brief interview of 20 minutes.
The test results will be available three months after you take it. You will have a certificate for one of these four levels:

  • Intermediário

  • Intermediário-Superior

  • Avançado

  • Avançado-Superior

In our program, we expect that master’s students get an intermediário level whereas an Intermediário-Superior level is desirable for Ph.D. students.

To know your results go to

More questions about CELPE-Bras? Go to: elpebras.pdf


Once you have been accepted to the program, you will have an USP identification card. You will use your USP ID card to use the library at the Faculdadede Medicina, enter restricted areas, have special discounts as a student and to be able to eat at the University Restaurant (known as “Bandejão” or “Bandex”).
In order to process your USP ID, you will need to go to the USP website for postgraduate students: Janus, then click on “Cartões USP” and “Nova Solicitação”.
A couple of weeks after your request the USP ID card will be delivered to the Postgraduate Office located at the 6th floor of ICESP.
Do not forget to activate your identification card in the Janus website, “Cartões USP”, “Ativar cartão” once you receive it.

To enter ICESP, you will need an ID card. In order to get this ID you must deliver a copy of your RNE or Passport, a copy of your CPF, if applicable, and a copy of your proof of residence to the CTO secretary located at the 8th floor of the ICESP, where you will fill out a form with all relevant personal information.
Once your documentation is in order, the person in charge will get in touch with the management office located at the sixth floor, where you eventually will go to fill out a last form and take a photo. About two weeks after this process, you will receive your ID card.


The Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) offers the opportunity to stay in its international housing for up to three months.
If you are interested you can do the arrangements from you home country. You will need
to contact and send them the following form:
Keep in mind that the availability depends on vacancy; so we strongly recommend to look at other options as staying at Repúblicas (Rooms in a private house shared with other students) or kitnets (small studios apartments with private kitchen and bathroom)
If you are having trouble finding a good place, you can go to: or you can subscribe to these Facebook groups:

  • Repúblicas da USP

  • Aluguel: Apartamento/Quarto São Paulo , Brasil

  • Dividir Apartamento SP.

We also advice that you get in touch with your future colleagues as they may have suggestions on good renting deals.

Be aware of your choices, the postgraduate program does not take responsibility for the content published on the above-mentioned sites.


This benefit is intended for postgraduate students from public and private institutions who will develop a research project with subsequent dissertation. Once the student is admitted and enrolled in the Oncology program, they may start receiving the financial aid.
There are three major financial agencies that can provide a scholarship in the State of São Paulo

  • FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo)

FAPESP is a public institution of research promotion linked to the Higher Education Department of the government of the State of São Paulo. To apply to a FAPESP scholarship the candidate must write a research project proposal in concordance with the specification found in the website of FAPESP, where you will find further information and other applicable documents to submit.

The analysis of the proposal will include analysis of the candidate and supervisor. This process can take up to four months. Check the site for update values of scholarships.

  • CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior)

CAPES is a federal agency in charge of evaluating the postgraduate programs and provide financial aid to the Education Ministry by granting scholarships, project funding, among others. This agency will provide each postgraduate program with a number of scholarships according to the result of the programs evaluation. Before you enrolled in the Oncology Program, you can find out the availability of one of these Scholarships. Check their site for updated values of scholarships. As a part of the commitment the student make with this funding agency a teaching internship must be completed (PAE) (details at

  • CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico)

Another federal agency for the support of Science in Brazil. Check their site for details.

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