[07: 20: 09] ariane dandrea diz : Oi Marcelo

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[07:25:25] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou ELZA LULI MIYASAKA, fale_com_sabia ao chat

[07:27:52] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou madamekarahani ao chat

[07:28:03] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : hi

[07:29:06] madamekarahani diz : hi good morning!

[07:29:13] Marcelo Tramontano diz : katrin and filiz can maybe present shortly their project first of all?

[07:29:14] fale_com_sabia diz : hi!ç

[07:29:25] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : morning

[07:29:28] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : !

[07:29:35] madamekarahani diz : i am filiz and next to me there is kathrin...

[07:30:18] ariane dandrea diz : hello!

[07:30:39] madamekarahani diz : hey everybody! In a team of 5 students (2 urban designers and 3 cultural studies students) we are working on surveillance in postmodern cities. Just 4 info...

[07:31:18] madamekarahani diz : I don't know whether Mr. Tramontano already gave you the link to our first presentation !?

[07:32:08] madamekarahani diz : We are very curious as we are a very mixed group know: mechatronics, nurse, architects, cultural students, urban designers... ;) Really cool!

[07:32:13] ariane dandrea diz : yes, he did

[07:32:50] madamekarahani diz : Then did you take a look? What do you think of our initial ideas?

[07:33:39] ariane dandrea diz : we are looking just now...

[07:33:49] madamekarahani diz : okay take your time...

[07:35:59] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou bruna biagioni ao chat

[07:37:00] madamekarahani diz : welcome bruna :)

[07:37:34] madamekarahani diz : we like your project at usp!

[07:38:39] ariane dandrea diz : you did a quite nice analyses of the question of surveillance..

[07:39:43] madamekarahani diz : thank you ariane! now we have to choose our direction... if there is enough time it would be great if everybody could tell about his recent projects... we are very very interested...

[07:43:36] fale_com_sabia diz : Do you know something about z.IP? specially R.astro?

[07:44:06] madamekarahani diz : no, what is it?

[07:44:41] fale_com_sabia diz : It a project that we are about to finish, one of the purpused objects

[07:45:09] madamekarahani diz : can you explain it a little bit further? what is the goal of the project?

[07:45:13] fale_com_sabia diz : zip is a group that researsh for objects interactives and portables

[07:46:09] fale_com_sabia diz : and R.astro is an object that pretends to show for the user the places of the city

[07:46:25] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : I think the goal is to map peoples alking in the city

[07:46:35] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : walking

[07:48:07] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : it is a wearble object with a gps

[07:48:18] fale_com_sabia diz : its intend to shows the center and the border of the user in the city

[07:48:48] madamekarahani diz : sounds awesome! another group here works on this theme to... as you all are "a little" more experienced in projects: do you have any recommendation for how to continue now for our work?

[07:49:19] fale_com_sabia diz : estimulating him to understand his space in the city and to discover others parts of it

[07:49:26] bruna biagioni diz : identify the regionality and establish the true town center to users

[07:50:24] ariane dandrea diz : what are your inicial ideas?

[07:50:25] madamekarahani diz : you're still telling about your project, right?

[07:51:24] bruna biagioni diz : let's talk about your project now!! :)

[07:51:40] madamekarahani diz : we don't have concret ideas yet, but we thought about the following aspects: produced safety, usefulness of surveillance, differents actors in the surveillance area

[07:52:46] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : I think it is important to recognize how we think and use the public spaces

[07:53:01] Marcelo Tramontano diz : filiz and katrin

[07:53:06] Marcelo Tramontano diz : the url is:

[07:53:08] Marcelo Tramontano diz : http://www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus02/artigos_nomads/nojimoto.php

[07:53:17] madamekarahani diz : thank you!

[07:53:56] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : I would like to reconmend the cosmopolis

[07:55:05] fale_com_sabia diz : http://www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus02/artigos_convidados/benayoun.php

[07:55:19] ariane dandrea diz : you should elaborate an interactive object from that ideas?

[07:55:47] madamekarahani diz : we watched the z.IP video! It's really good! Nice work!

[07:56:23] fale_com_sabia diz : thank you

[07:57:43] madamekarahani diz : We will tell our first idea: in the beginning we had the idea to to something like "shop window reverse": we want to use screens in the city where you look at usually (shop windows, etc.) and let them "observe" the pedestrians.

[07:58:10] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : ok

[07:58:25] madamekarahani diz : but we didn't think about it in detail...

[07:59:09] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : do U have some specific place?

[07:59:23] madamekarahani adicionou Isabel ao chat

[08:00:02] madamekarahani diz : yes, the reeperbahn in hamburg. do you know s.th. about it?

[08:00:31] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : is it a crowded place?

[08:01:15] Isabel diz : Hello I'm Isabel. I'm a member of the group of madamekarahani, I'm late but would like to join you

[08:01:22] madamekarahani diz : yes it is a entertainment and red light district in the city of hamburg. especially at the weekends it is very crowded and many tourists come there...

[08:01:59] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : cool

[08:02:52] Isabel diz : We are looking for a picture to send you

[08:03:07] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : it is important to think in a determined time of the project

[08:03:26] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : like a instalation

[08:03:57] madamekarahani diz : you are right. here is a link: http://www.hamburg-intern.de/onTEAM/medien/fotos/480/has151.jpg

[08:03:59] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : and than analyse it

[08:05:07] madamekarahani diz : http://www.geo-reisecommunity.de/bild/regular/55413/Reeperbahn-bei-Nacht.jpg

[08:05:14] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : I`d like to know this place so much

[08:05:39] Isabel diz : you can visit it, if you want ;)

[08:06:00] madamekarahani diz : oh i think you don't want to know it really... much trouble there...

[08:06:11] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : will it be at night?

[08:06:16] madamekarahani diz : but much fun also ;)

[08:06:41] ariane dandrea diz : the camera that observes the people would be seen by them??

[08:07:02] madamekarahani diz : could be. cause it's more crowded and the pictures will be more appealing...

[08:07:14] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : it would be interesting

[08:07:33] madamekarahani diz : no i think not...

[08:08:02] Isabel diz : But maybe the impact is even higher, when the camera is not seen

[08:08:24] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA adicionou Graziele Lautenschlaeger ao chat

[08:08:53] Isabel diz : hello gralatauenschlaeger

[08:08:58] bruna biagioni diz : much visual information! is a challenge to overcome something in this mess! but it is very exciting!

[08:09:22] madamekarahani diz : like "surprise!!! you are observed while making party and being drunk!!!"

[08:09:30] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : hallo!

[08:09:40] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : another way could be other people observing the walking peolpe...

[08:09:56] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : what is the topic people?

[08:10:04] madamekarahani diz : yeah, we could do this...

[08:10:07] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : which group is this?

[08:10:22] Isabel diz : Hi, we are talking about a porject about surveillance

[08:10:25] Isabel diz : project

[08:10:35] madamekarahani diz : for graziele: We will tell our first idea: in the beginning we had the idea to to something like "shop window reverse": we want to use screens in the city where you look at usually (shop windows, etc.) and let them "observe" the pedestrians.

[08:11:15] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : ahã..

[08:11:18] madamekarahani diz : the reeperbahn in hamburg is a entertainment and red light district in the city of hamburg. http://www.hamburg-intern.de/onTEAM/medien/fotos/480/has151.jpg

[08:11:33] madamekarahani diz : http://www.geo-reisecommunity.de/bild/regular/55413/Reeperbahn-bei-Nacht.jpg

[08:11:48] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : I was talking to a group that was working in the same place...

[08:11:57] Isabel diz : yes we analysed the Reeperbahn and observation at this district

[08:12:17] madamekarahani diz : yes it was coincidence...

[08:12:23] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : hehehe

[08:12:37] Isabel diz : people don't pay attention to the cameras and so we want to show people how they are observed

[08:12:49] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : ok...

[08:13:02] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : but waht is the feedback for people?

[08:13:23] Isabel diz : on big screens they are shown

[08:13:47] Isabel diz : the pedestrians. And they will recognize the observation

[08:13:47] madamekarahani diz : we are reacting on the peoples behaviour. they will see it like isabel said... somehow...

[08:14:56] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : but maybe you could explore more the places were to put this cameras

[08:15:25] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : do U think it wuold be easy to put the cameras in several places?

[08:16:24] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : have you seen a projetc at ZKM that they put a camera in a mockup of a toillet box, exact in the entrance of it?

[08:16:26] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : and are U going to put the display across the street?

[08:16:43] madamekarahani diz : i think putting one cam there is complex enough... besides, there are a few observation cams already as you saw in our presentation. we could use one of them, or the location at least...

[08:17:10] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : of course putting it in many places will be a harder work... but that is not the questions I think...

[08:17:11] ariane dandrea diz : they would realize that they have been observed just by the screens..but would not be able to see were the cameras are hidden?

[08:17:42] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : what is the number of your presentation?

[08:17:51] madamekarahani diz : yeah somewhere in the pedestrian zone like the "Große Freiheit". there are most of the clubs and bars but less "other etablissements" ;)

[08:18:12] Isabel diz : I don't know exactly but we think we are goup 4 or 5

[08:18:19] madamekarahani diz : we are number 4...

[08:18:47] Isabel diz : Yes.... and maybe this wiuld make people more aware of cameras, to realise that they can be observed all the time

[08:18:53] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : can U use this cameras free?

[08:19:04] Isabel diz : no

[08:19:46] madamekarahani diz : i don't think so. we have to install our own and get the permission of the city government. but at the moment the project is hypothetical, anyway...

[08:20:16] ariane dandrea diz : right..

[08:20:41] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : I think you should explore the way of display the feedback to public

[08:20:52] madamekarahani diz : yes that's the core...

[08:21:15] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : the ideia is strong but it is a very stressed topic

[08:21:44] Isabel diz : of course it is, but nevertheless it is a current topic, people don't know much about it

[08:21:48] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : so... maybe find a place were people can see only if they do something

[08:22:14] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : than you should deep inthe people behaviour in the place you choose

[08:22:18] Isabel diz : And even it is discussed in many newspapers and other media, people don't pay adequate attention to it

[08:22:19] madamekarahani diz : well, the feedback for the pedestrians would be our response which is also shown on the screens in the shop window (because we will be filmed in the back of the shop as well)

[08:23:10] bruna biagioni diz : aboute the input... use the same sort of position of the traditional security cameras can help make the proposal more intelligible to the user, or break this connection it may be more interesting

[08:23:18] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : I agree that they do not pay enough attention

[08:24:53] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : yes to break the paradgms is a good way to catcha ttention

[08:24:55] Marcelo Tramontano diz : wow this group is nicely crowded! :)

[08:25:01] Isabel diz : :)

[08:25:05] madamekarahani diz : there are so many people walking past the camera that the "traditional position" has the best overview I guess...

[08:25:14] Isabel diz : of course, because it is such an exciting topic ;)

[08:25:30] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : Yes!

[08:28:36] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : people, I must come back to my work...

[08:28:50] madamekarahani diz : okay

[08:29:00] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : I hope you will find a goo d way to express you idea!

[08:29:06] Isabel diz : thank you :)

[08:29:12] madamekarahani diz : thank you we'll work hard :D

[08:29:22] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : yes!

[08:29:50] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : but you will be very happy at the end in doing that!

[08:30:00] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : good luck!

[08:30:15] ariane dandrea diz : we are dicussing here about some ideas..

[08:30:22] Isabel diz : thank you :) good bye

[08:30:25] madamekarahani diz : thank you! we wish you all the best and much success with your projects!

[08:30:26] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : make a short movie and post it in Utube

[08:30:40] Graziele Lautenschlaeger diz : bye!

[08:30:51] madamekarahani diz : yes if the project will be realized we will do it definitely!!!

[08:31:16] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : and in nomads site

[08:31:18] Isabel diz : Yes we will try it, and meaybe we can contact you, that xou can see it :). Hope you will be successful and satisfied with oyu project as well

[08:31:58] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : have a nice day

[08:32:30] madamekarahani diz : bye bye! see you again on skype (hopefully)!

[08:32:32] bruna biagioni diz : let's keep the contact!

[08:32:56] Isabel diz : yes, would be great ^^

[08:32:59] madamekarahani diz : yes let's try! here the z.IP link for isabel: http://www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus02/artigos_nomads/nojimoto.php

[08:33:34] ariane dandrea diz : keep posting you ideas on your blog so we can see how the work goes..

[08:34:04] madamekarahani diz : and please please post your thoughts and comments as well, okay?

[08:34:15] ariane dandrea diz : ok!

[08:34:38] bruna biagioni diz : We can also help a great deal about the construtive issues

[08:35:21] madamekarahani diz : yes we'll count on that ;)

[08:35:31] bruna biagioni diz : ok!!

[08:35:52] ariane dandrea diz : bye bye!!

[08:36:02] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : Marcelo, congratulations !

[08:36:30] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : very nice chat!!!

[08:36:37] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : see U

[08:37:34] madamekarahani diz : see ya!!! all of you will confirm my contact, won't you? (F)

[08:38:25] fale_com_sabia diz : U are now my contact!

[08:39:15] madamekarahani diz : thank you!!! i am very glad!

[08:39:37] madamekarahani diz : i will forward you to the other group members, okay?

[08:39:43] ELZA LULI MIYASAKA diz : ok

[08:40:22] madamekarahani diz : take care, bye bye!

[08:40:31] bruna biagioni diz : bye!! :)

[08:40:35] Isabel diz : bye :)

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