[07: 17: 10] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou David Müller ao chat

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[07:17:10] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou David Müller ao chat

[07:19:05] Marcelo Tramontano diz : fabio and joao can u see me and david?

[07:19:18] David Müller diz : Hi

[07:20:16] Marcelo Tramontano adicionou fale_com_sabia ao chat

[07:20:39] Nomads.usp.1 diz : hi

[07:20:54] Nomads.usp.1 diz : david

[07:21:17] David Müller diz : hallo

[07:21:19] Marcelo Tramontano diz : david maybe you could start presenting shortly the project to fabio and matheus?

[07:21:45] fale_com_sabia diz : hi!

[07:22:16] David Müller diz : yeah sure.

[07:22:21] David Müller diz : did you see our presentation?

[07:22:31] David Müller diz : you can see it here: http://www.nomads.usp.br/leuphana/group02_031209_presentation.pdf

[07:23:01] Nomads.usp.1 diz : it is open here

[07:23:56] David Müller diz : fine...so yeah our plan was, to in some way record what happens in the every day life in a city

[07:24:51] David Müller diz : and then give a feedback/playback to the people, so they can see how they are changing the city.

[07:26:27] Nomads.usp.1 diz : how will you make it?

[07:26:39] David Müller diz : good question :D

[07:26:51] Nomads.usp.1 diz : ohhh... hehehe

[07:27:27] David Müller diz : as you can see in our presentation, we were thinking of maybe recording peoples movements with motion tracking cameras and then project their movents in some way

[07:28:09] David Müller diz : or the other idea was to create a 24hour sound loop. so everybody and everything gets recorded and played back exactly 24hours later while the next people and their reactions are already being recorded again

[07:30:07] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i m watching your presentation... a second please

[07:30:23] David Müller diz : take your time

[07:32:28] Nomads.usp.1 diz : the idea is to always use the sound?

[07:33:10] David Müller diz : no it doesnt have to be sound...it could also be visual

[07:33:40] David Müller diz : we thought about light trails following people (like TRON if you know it ;) )

[07:34:04] David Müller diz : and maybe if people stand still for long enough it grows into a circle

[07:34:22] Nomads.usp.1 diz : tron, a good reference.. i like it

[07:34:26] David Müller diz : :D

[07:34:26] Nomads.usp.1 diz : =P

[07:36:35] Nomads.usp.1 diz : you can used some type of projection... like the reference of the group 1 .... in the blog... maybe..

[07:37:24] Nomads.usp.1 diz : in the city scale... is some realy cool..

[07:38:07] David Müller hat die Datei "idea.jpg" gesendet

[07:39:04] David Müller diz : we thought about using projectors to make our images apear on the ground but it is probably kinda hard to set up

[07:39:55] David Müller diz : something else we thought about is that we would give people different colours...and when 2 people get close their colours would mix and add up...that would then also reflect the social connecting elements

[07:42:53] Nomads.usp.1 diz : a moment ..

[07:48:26] Nomads.usp.1 adicionou fabioabreu77 ao chat

[07:50:30] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i m trying add fabio to chat...

[07:50:56] fabioabreu77 diz : I'm here...."

[07:51:35] David Müller diz : more people :D

[07:52:15] fabioabreu77 diz : Hi David. I saw your presentation.

[07:52:22] fabioabreu77 diz : And your blog.

[07:53:20] fabioabreu77 diz : What kind of information you're tring to take from the pedestrians?

[07:53:41] fabioabreu77 diz : It is not only the sounds, right?

[07:54:29] David Müller diz : no not only sounds. the thing is we are still in the planning process so we arent sure what exactly our project would be, but we were thinking about either visual or audio.

[07:54:53] fabioabreu77 diz : Ok.

[07:55:29] David Müller diz : we liked the idea of tracking peoples movements with motion tracking and then projecting their movements in some form

[07:57:00] fabioabreu77 diz : I saw in an other blog, a video abaout the funtheory, from VW. A trashcan, in a park. IT plays with sounds. But it's not something that is related with what people do.

[07:57:32] David Müller diz : yeah we thought about using the fun theory but we thought it better to chose another subject

[07:58:10] Nomads.usp.1 diz : the visual output in the city.. is more intense... i think..

[07:58:13] fabioabreu77 diz : Yes! Yur presentation shows the idea of recordind sounds and pllay them 24hs later!

[07:58:17] David Müller adicionou Matthias ao chat

[07:58:30] David Müller diz : I added Matthias, he is also from our group

[07:58:39] Nomads.usp.1 diz : ok

[07:58:56] David Müller diz : yeah the 24hour loop was another idea.

[07:59:12] David Müller diz : we liked them as prototypes and we would start building on them

[08:00:05] Marcelo Tramontano diz : hi matthias gd morning! :)

[08:00:41] Marcelo Tramontano diz : so behind the name 'nomads1' is joao, who is in charge of the eos project

[08:00:45] Nomads.usp.1 diz : sorry i don't introduct my self... i Joao ... i cordenate the eos project at nomads

[08:01:00] Marcelo Tramontano diz : the url for the video presenting the project is: http://www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus02/artigos_nomads/nojimoto.php

[08:01:08] fabioabreu77 diz : Ok. One thing you could do is to record not only the sounds, but images, and show them one day after they where captured. However, I guess it could be more than that!

[08:01:09] David Müller diz : marcelo told us what you are doing

[08:01:18] Marcelo Tramontano diz : you scroll down the screen and it is the first video please

[08:01:38] Matthias diz : hello to all... sorry i am late

[08:02:11] fabioabreu77 diz : We're whating the video now...

[08:02:42] fabioabreu77 diz : Oh, thats Eos video! Never mind!

[08:02:46] David Müller diz : marcelo already showed us the video in class

[08:02:50] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i here... sorry

[08:03:27] Nomads.usp.1 diz : that is in another scale but it can help your work

[08:04:05] Nomads.usp.1 diz : the eos project

[08:04:34] Nomads.usp.1 diz : but, maybe can help with theory...

[08:04:38] David Müller diz : i think what we have to find out is the best way to record and to replay the actions of people

[08:04:41] fabioabreu77 diz : So, David and Matthias! The question to you is: How to use the sounds and images of people in the streets, or in a public space, in a way it may be fu! Exploring a visual output in the city...

[08:05:31] fabioabreu77 diz : Oops... in a way i may be fuN !

[08:05:47] David Müller diz : haha i was just going to ask what fu! means ;)

[08:06:02] Matthias diz : hehe

[08:06:28] fabioabreu77 diz : Sory.... many erros in enlish! Not totaly waked yet!

[08:07:31] Matthias diz : maybe it would be nice when the people can rewind the tape...

[08:07:37] David Müller diz : yeah its 07:00 in the morning for you right?

[08:07:41] Matthias diz : and see themselves

[08:08:47] Nomads.usp.1 diz : we are talking about your project here with fabio

[08:09:14] David Müller diz : we are open to all ideas. as i said we still havent really decided on what we want to do

[08:09:21] fabioabreu77 diz : (the problem is the time I went to bed last night!)

[08:09:35] fabioabreu77 diz : But.... on the project!

[08:11:19] fabioabreu77 diz : João was saying that, the place you've chosen to your project, the station, would not be so reactive to sound effects.

[08:11:26] fabioabreu77 diz : It's a noisy place...

[08:11:40] Matthias diz : that s true

[08:12:17] Nomads.usp.1 diz : so the visual effect is more intense

[08:13:04] Nomads.usp.1 diz : or some type of object

[08:13:20] Nomads.usp.1 diz : [re]active

[08:13:35] David Müller diz : but then again maybe the noise interferance at the station is also interesting...because the noise of cars or trains is also part of the citry

[08:13:37] David Müller diz : *cit

[08:13:42] David Müller diz : *city....damn

[08:13:42] fabioabreu77 diz : The first thing a thought was, based in the idea of recording and playng 24hs later, to take the sound s and images. And play it the day after. But in a station, people take a blasé beahavior... so they might not pay attention to it.

[08:16:20] fabioabreu77 diz : Yes. The sound may be, of course, works! But it would be a information strane to that place. So people would note it as a diferent thing on that place...

[08:17:00] Matthias diz : because they are always in hurry.. i think its important that the 24 hour loop will be something interactive.... because the people are in hurry and moving very fast

[08:17:10] Matthias diz : they need to get stopped

[08:17:25] fabioabreu77 diz : "an atrange information"

[08:17:28] David Müller diz : the idea one guy from our group had, was to filter out the sounds that repeated themselves....so we record more than one day and things that repeat themselves get filtered out..like train sounds, car sounds etc

[08:17:35] fabioabreu77 diz : Ahhhh....: strange!

[08:18:15] Nomads.usp.1 diz : ok david this is true... but the perception of the walking people [for exemple] i think is minor ... when you use a sound output... but in other way.. capt the sound and use visual think to evidence that sound, that "city noise" .... i like.. hauhau

[08:19:48] David Müller diz : we would somehow have to get people to stop and notice

[08:23:09] fabioabreu77 diz : Me and João remember of one work in São PAulo dawntaw, that used sounds of the city, like cars horns and other things, and distorted them, mixed them, in a way it sounded like music.

[08:23:25] David Müller diz : interesting

[08:24:02] Matthias diz : nice idea

[08:24:19] fabioabreu77 diz : So you, in a first place, foud that it was someting strange... but it took some time till you notice that sound (made of noises you know) was something diferent!

[08:25:58] fabioabreu77 diz : The point is: It must be something strange for that daily situation, or that distorts in some way the normal perception of that place. Of it space, it sounds.... it outputs.

[08:26:24] Nomads.usp.1 diz : in othe way .... the city sound can be evidenced use sound, object with color... or color projections... estimulated others humans senses...make the people think and perceive .. that daily activity

[08:28:49] David Müller diz : we also liked the idea of working with colour

[08:29:31] David Müller diz : because i think this is something that people would always notice. with sound it could be that people dont even pay attention but light and visual stimulance will always get a reaction

[08:29:59] fabioabreu77 diz : Yes!

[08:30:25] Nomads.usp.1 diz : in a place like a railwaystation... yes

[08:30:46] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i think... this is a noise place

[08:31:37] Nomads.usp.1 diz : so a image, a color, can stimulat more ..

[08:32:43] Nomads.usp.1 diz : or maybe a strange object in this place...

[08:32:59] fabioabreu77 diz : You could bring to it sounds that are not from that place, or distort sundos that you take from the station, to stimutate people with sounds there. Or you may work with lights and images! For instance, projecting images or videos on the trains.

[08:34:13] fabioabreu77 diz : Or.... with objects along the way people have to do inside the station, and that reacts to people beahavior,

[08:35:39] David Müller diz : what kind of objects do you mean?

[08:36:13] Nomads.usp.1 diz : some type of toten

[08:36:52] fabioabreu77 diz : We are thinking here on something that istorts a central idea on a train station, that is to take the train in the right tim!

[08:38:14] Matthias diz : but many people travel to hamburg they got enough time to realize and enjoy the installation

[08:39:12] David Müller diz : guys....my laptop battery is dying!

[08:39:32] David Müller diz : i will have to go but you can continue talking with matthias...he also knows everything about our group and project!

[08:39:41] David Müller diz : thx for taking some time with us!!

[08:40:10] fabioabreu77 diz : Like.... That are projections in the ceiling of the station. And these projections are related to this interactive objects thing. So, the people in the station are there, waiting for the train. But they notice the projections, and realizes that they may interact whith them...

[08:40:26] Nomads.usp.1 diz : bye david good luck with the project

[08:40:26] Matthias diz : see you david...

[08:40:27] fabioabreu77 diz : (Ok David!)

[08:41:47] Matthias diz : i like the idea, with the projections, we thought about some light spots which are tracking the people

[08:42:30] Nomads.usp.1 diz : matthias.. i have the image of a object called Diolinda... for the toten... a nomads object... marcelo have the image of this project..

[08:42:30] fabioabreu77 diz : ... so. They are there to take the train. But they start playng with the objects, to pay attention to the projections. And when the train arives they have to choose, to takethe train and leave the interaction, or to stay interacting and to loose the train.

[08:42:38] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i dont have here...=/

[08:42:55] Matthias diz : i can aks him for

[08:43:52] Nomads.usp.1 diz : yes... the idea of diolinda project is diferent... but i talk about the image ... the efect

[08:45:50] Nomads.usp.1 diz : so.... use a projection is very interesting

[08:45:59] Nomads.usp.1 diz : and more easy

[08:46:17] Matthias diz : some projections of the walking people on the train

[08:46:29] Nomads.usp.1 diz : yes

[08:46:30] Matthias diz : or a mirror from the waiting people would be very funny too

[08:46:55] Matthias diz : they can dos some strange stuff and look at themselves

[08:46:56] Nomads.usp.1 diz : a distorted image

[08:47:59] Nomads.usp.1 diz : some unusually... and can make then think and percept the daily

[08:49:20] Nomads.usp.1 diz : some fun in the daily activity... hauhau the city need that...

[08:49:37] fabioabreu77 diz : Hahah! I thought something siily! You pla with the objects and projections, in an interactive game! And the game would be to make people (in the game) take the train! But you loose the train!

[08:50:25] Matthias diz : a little jump and run with all the waiting people

[08:51:38] fabioabreu77 diz : Mathias.... Sorry but I have to go now. An appointment...

[08:51:39] Nomads.usp.1 diz : nice...

[08:51:53] Nomads.usp.1 diz : ops

[08:51:55] Nomads.usp.1 diz : sorry

[08:52:09] Matthias diz : yeah no problem, thank you for this nice brainstorming

[08:52:35] fabioabreu77 diz : Well, hope wee helped in some way!

[08:53:29] Matthias diz : yeah i think we got some nice ideas, where we can focus on now, discuss them in the group

[08:53:38] Nomads.usp.1 diz : yes... is dificult in a little time .. help so much

[08:53:58] Marcelo Tramontano diz : matthias?

[08:54:01] Nomads.usp.1 diz : butt... is very cool

[08:54:06] Nomads.usp.1 diz : the chat

[08:54:13] Marcelo Tramontano diz : matthias?

[08:54:17] Matthias diz : yeah, but its nice to get some feedback on the ideas and thoughts

[08:54:21] Matthias diz : yes

[08:55:20] Marcelo Tramontano diz : can you please save the whole discussion when you finish it?

[08:55:36] Matthias diz : yeah

[08:55:40] Marcelo Tramontano diz : i would like to have a text file with the whole thing is that ok for u?

[08:55:44] Marcelo Tramontano diz : thanx!

[08:55:47] Nomads.usp.1 diz : i go to...

[08:56:09] Nomads.usp.1 diz : bye and good luck to your project

[08:56:10] Marcelo Tramontano diz : you are the only group still online, so feel free to stop whenever you want

[08:56:13] Marcelo Tramontano diz : :)

[08:56:25] Nomads.usp.1 diz : hauhauhau

[08:56:51] Matthias diz : hehe

[08:57:28] Nomads.usp.1 diz : right ... i have other meeting now =/ ... i m go to....

[08:58:00] Matthias diz : ok thank you guys for this interesting kind of dicussion :)

[09:01:50] Matthias diz : its bookmarked

[09:03:04] Matthias diz : i will leave now too... the dentist is calling

[09:03:09] Matthias diz : see you guys

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